Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jesus Lifts Your Load

"Brokenness is the bow from which God launches the arrows of healing." -Louie Giglio

When you get a crack in your windshield, you acknowledge that a problem is present, but oftentimes let it be "tomorrow's problem." Overtime, this crack gets larger and larger until it is severe enough that it affects your driving and is a safety risk for you and others around you.

I view this as metaphorical to human struggles. When we first face some sort of struggle, we know it is there but don't really worry about it until it grows severe enough to hinder our everyday lives. When we reach this point, we have to overcome this struggle. We have to be broken to it.

Brokenness is not an easy concept for humans to grasp. When something is broken, it needs to be fixed. Not many people want to admit that they need to be fixed. I know I don't.

When Louie said this quote (top) regarding brokenness, it brought tears to my eyes. I used to try to face my problems head on and fix them as they burdened me. I didn't want to admit to myself or anyone else that I needed to be fixed. I didn't want to come to terms with the idea that I could not handle this on my own. I continued to "work alone." This didn't work. I couldn't do it. I'm just not strong enough.
When I finally came to realize that I needed help, I gave it to God. I let myself be broken before Him. In doing this, I felt a physical release as God took the burden from me. With this load off my shoulders, I was ready to heal.

I grew up with a song called "When Jesus Lifts the Load." This is basically the entire song:

"Your load will be much lighter
When Jesus lifts the load...
...When Jesus lifts your heavy load"

It's a simple song with a clear message: Jesus can handle your problems, no matter how heavy they may be to you.

I believe this with all my heart. Life isn't easy most of the time, so let God take care of things. You just have to trust Him and be broken before Him, then you will be able to heal.

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