Wednesday, August 31, 2011


...I cannot for the life of me think of a good title for this blog post. I'm experiencing a bit of writer's block this week, which is perfect timing since I have a paper due in a week. Also good news for me as a writing tutor.

But, anyways.

I'm getting into the flow of things. I'm pretty busy all the time, ALL THE TIME, but it's good. It definitely makes falling asleep easier each night.

I realized last night how pumped I am for Auburn football. This is in sharp contrast to the start of last year's football season where the thought of going to a game made me sick and caused me to hysterically cry. So, Saturday is going to be a great day. I can't wait to be back in Jordan-Hare with my Auburn family. I don't care that our season won't be as good this year, I just have so much love for Auburn University right now that I would do anything to be a part of an 87,000 person "War Eagle."

On a slightly related note, I'm beyond tired of reading statuses about how Alabama is going to win their "14th" national championship this year. First off, dream on. Second off, the fact that they're even saying that kind of thing shows how ridiculous their fan base is. Seriously, SERIOUSLY. The season has not even started.

Rant over. Moving on.

School stress is intense, but I think I'm keeping my head above water fairly well. I did well on my first test and next week is the first week of multiple tests (and a paper). Sure, I have a long weekend to study, but let's be honest, I probably won't study much (at all).

I'm loving work. The other tutors, desk people, and our employers are really cool and I feel like part of a team working to actually make a difference, even if it is just assisting students in writing.

BCM gets better to me every day. I went on the fall retreat this past weekend and had a great time and met even more really awesome people with a strong love for Christ. I also signed up to go to Passion 2012 in Atlanta with BCM, which is a dream of mine. I've wanted to go since I started high school, and when I finally got old enough, I fell out a church. So now, I'm churched and ready to go. I'm looking forward to January already.

Highlands, especially ONE, is great as usual. It's amazing to see that many college students come together to worship every week.

Writer's block is hitting. I'm done talking about myself (for now).

My final words for tonight are: war eagle. W.D.E.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sophomore Stressing?

Well, sophomore year is well underway for me already. Since the day I moved in, I have been constantly busy. The only reason I'm even finding time to write this post is because my internet is down (Dianna vs. Charter is a long and drawn out story I won't get into because I'll probably just get angry). Anyone who follows me on twitter has heard the abbreviated version of this frustrating issue. It's probably teaching me some sort of life lesson, but I'm too angry by it all that I've missed the lesson.

So, my first night in my apartment, I put on a brave face and went to Auburn's BCM alone. This is the best decision I've made in a while. In just over a week I've met so many great people and found a place on campus where I feel that I belong. I'm really excited about getting more involved there and finally getting back into having a church of some sort to call home. If any BCM people are reading this, y'all rock. 

Aside from BCM, I also started my Communication Disorders classes. I'm taking four CMDS classes and Brit Lit II (core requirement). I have four classes on Tuesday and Thursday, which is really horrible scheduling. I don't eat lunch until 2, which is the worst part. I'm quickly realizing that being in my major and taking on a junior level course load a year early is going to be harder than I expected. I'm already feeling the pressure, 3 days into classes. But that's what happens when core classes are almost over, I guess. 

I started my job today. It turns out that very few people need writing help 4 days into classes, so my fellow tutors and I did a whole lot of relaxing today. I'm still waiting to actually tutor for the first time and get a feel of what that entails exactly. 

In addition to this, I'm still visiting churches and pretty regularly attending Church of the Highlands Auburn, as well as fulfilling my duties as a sister of TBS. I also eat and sleep sometimes.

I'm saying all this to say, I'm stressed, but very happy and excited about my sophomore (junior) year. I may be spreading myself a little thin, but I'm going to see if I can handle it all. College is about learning time management, after all.
I'll have a lot more spare time when I stop spending it on the phone with Charter begging them to fix my internet.

So, now I'll just sit here and wait until my internet comes back up so I can post this blog entry....

God bless everyone :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Doors Open.

Well, I'm moving back to Auburn tomorrow. I won't actually move into my apartment until Saturday, but thanks to a few awesome friends with apartment complexes that let them in at the beginning of the month, I have couches to sleep on.

I was down in Auburn last Wednesday-Saturday to do my duties as a sister of TBS as well as interview for a job (Here's where I'm going to give another big THANK YOU to Shelby Mixson and Kaitlyn Burnside for letting me stay with them and going out of the way for me as I was homeless). So, despite the fact the my whole coming to terms with not doing marching band is still really fresh, I was in the middle of it all last week as I worked registrations, one of them being RAT registration.

Working RAT registration with the knowledge that I would have been one of those people if circumstances hadn't changed was weird. On one hand, I was thankful to not be going through that all again. It was extremely hard last year as I only had one other RAT from Thompson there and a few acquaintances from Pelham. This time around, I saw several familiar faces and some people I knew personally come through registration as they tried out again for the AUMB. I really feel for the people I saw that won't make the final cut. My heart breaks for them, and I just hope they handle it better than I did. Anyways, on the other hand, I wished to be in marching band. I wished to be in their positions for the excitement that is the AUMB and the excitement of living on their own, without parents.

Not that I would ever want to go through being a freshman in college again. EVER.

I say all this to say, a month ago, I expected to be in Auburn last Friday and stay down for band camp. I expected to be a part of it this year. I expected this to be a huge part of my remaining time at Auburn. This wasn't in the cards for me, but instead new opportunities are popping up for me. The day after I got my schedule for CMDS figured out, I went to work getting my application to work in the Miller Writing Center together and sent it off. Two days later, I was emailed and asked to come in for an interview. I now have job training on Thursday and Friday, which would not have happened if I was in band.
I'm going down tomorrow for job training as well as for TBS activities. Originally, I told myself I would go inactive from TBS if I wasn't in marching band this year. I'm now finding that in a lot of ways, I feel that I'm serving my sorority more by not being in the AUMB.

I feel like this post was not organized well, and I apologize for that. My mind is full of things I have to do before I leave tomorrow. I just wanted to update, as this is my last night in Alabaster and might be the last time this city is my primary place of residence. Besides, if I'm going to be working in the Writing Center, I should probably be doing some sort of writing myself.

To wrap this all up, I'm moving into an apartment, making me more independent than I've ever been. I have my first real job that I'm pretty excited about. I'm determined to get back to being active in a church for the first time since my youth group feel apart. AND I'm one week away from starting a major I am very eager to be a part of. I didn't think this is how I would start off this year, but I'm SO excited about it.

God provides. Just look what he's done for me in the past month.