Wednesday, August 31, 2011


...I cannot for the life of me think of a good title for this blog post. I'm experiencing a bit of writer's block this week, which is perfect timing since I have a paper due in a week. Also good news for me as a writing tutor.

But, anyways.

I'm getting into the flow of things. I'm pretty busy all the time, ALL THE TIME, but it's good. It definitely makes falling asleep easier each night.

I realized last night how pumped I am for Auburn football. This is in sharp contrast to the start of last year's football season where the thought of going to a game made me sick and caused me to hysterically cry. So, Saturday is going to be a great day. I can't wait to be back in Jordan-Hare with my Auburn family. I don't care that our season won't be as good this year, I just have so much love for Auburn University right now that I would do anything to be a part of an 87,000 person "War Eagle."

On a slightly related note, I'm beyond tired of reading statuses about how Alabama is going to win their "14th" national championship this year. First off, dream on. Second off, the fact that they're even saying that kind of thing shows how ridiculous their fan base is. Seriously, SERIOUSLY. The season has not even started.

Rant over. Moving on.

School stress is intense, but I think I'm keeping my head above water fairly well. I did well on my first test and next week is the first week of multiple tests (and a paper). Sure, I have a long weekend to study, but let's be honest, I probably won't study much (at all).

I'm loving work. The other tutors, desk people, and our employers are really cool and I feel like part of a team working to actually make a difference, even if it is just assisting students in writing.

BCM gets better to me every day. I went on the fall retreat this past weekend and had a great time and met even more really awesome people with a strong love for Christ. I also signed up to go to Passion 2012 in Atlanta with BCM, which is a dream of mine. I've wanted to go since I started high school, and when I finally got old enough, I fell out a church. So now, I'm churched and ready to go. I'm looking forward to January already.

Highlands, especially ONE, is great as usual. It's amazing to see that many college students come together to worship every week.

Writer's block is hitting. I'm done talking about myself (for now).

My final words for tonight are: war eagle. W.D.E.

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